Set your OS X screensaver as your desktop background applescript

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Mac OS X Tips and Tricks

We all know that OS X comes with nice screen savers, particularly my favorite Flurry – is it awesome if you can use the screensaver as your desktop background?

There are 3rd party applications also which can do this one in particular is Onyx, last time when I was using the older version of Onyx for OS X Jaguar – Tiger it has this feature to browse those non-standard screensaver and use it as your desktop background, but after the later Onyx version for OS X Tiger – Snow Leopard this function has been removed, so you can only use the standard screensaver which comes with OS X.

Using Onyx to activate my screensaver as my desktop background has no issue until I found some 3rd party screensaver which are cooler than the pre-installed.

Some of the cool OS X screensaver you might want to check.

Well this applescript will give you the satisfaction to use the above 3rd party screensaver as your desktop background.

Steps to do:

  1. Install the screensaver you like
  2. Set your screensaver at System Preferences > Desktop and Screen Saver
  3. Scroll down look for Other on the screen saver list or you can add the folder where your new screen saver is located
  4. Close System Preferences once screen saver has been set
  5. Download the applescript from here and run

If you want to re-create the applescript here are the codes from screenshoot

If you want to run this script automatically during start-up do the following

  • Goto System Preferences
  • System > Accounts
  • Choose which Account to add the script during start-up

Make sure to unlock the lock icon on the lower left hand side of the window for you to make the changes and lock it back once changes are made.

  • Click on the Login Items
  • Click the + Sign to add the script
  • Locate the script file and click Add

Enjoy 😉


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